How to regrow hair naturally


Hair is the most essential natural accessory for ladies. Women tend to love care and want flawless hair for themselves at any time. Though everyone wants good hair, there can be some obstacles in maintaining a proper hair health. In time, due to poor diet, stress, ageing and use of wrong products in hair can cause worsening in quality of hair as well as it can cause severe hair loss. Hair loss is considered one of the major problems to the ladies. Proper hair-care should be done to maintain healthy hair and also to regrow hair per say. Here are some effective ways to regrow hair naturally

1. Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the major reasons that can cause hair loss. According to research performed by Jessica Lau stress damages the hair follicles stem cells which in time will result in hair loss. To regrow hair and maintain healthy hair, stress has to be reduced. Mind calming relaxation techniques can be performed in order to control and reduce stress. Working out mind and also exercising body can help in reducing stress which leads to healthier mind body and helps to regrow and maintain healthy hair. It is essential to be surrounded by positive people in order to reduce stress. Toxic behavior should be avoided as much as possible. Practicing all these healthy habits helps to reduce stress that plays a vital role in regrowing hair.

2. Avoid too much dietary restrictions

People these days tend to follow various restrictive diets in order to maintain a good physique, or rather a leaner structure. Though some restriction in diet helps in reducing weight of people, excessive dietary restrictions can cause nutritional deficiencies. Lack of nutrition in human body generally results in poor gut health as well as visibly worse quality of skin as well as hair. Following a strict diet can be a reason that adequate amount of hair is not growing because of scarcity of nutrients in body. Therefore it is essential to try and avoid excessive dietary restrictions for a healthy body as well as healthy growing hair.

3. Proper nutrition intake

People have a general saying of ‘You are what you eat’. Which generally means that the food we intake are the main source of nutrients and the way our body develops and grows. To maintain a proper hair health and encourage hair growth, it is essential to a balanced meal that too in adequate timing. Nutritious food that are rich in protein as well as beneficial compound vitamins should be consumed in order to speed up the process of hair growth.

4. Scalp oil massage

Massaging the scalp has been proven a beneficial way to hair growth from ancient times. Scalp massage helps to calm nerves, reduce stress as well as activates the roots to absorb nutrients that are required for hair growth. According to studies done by B Satheesha Nayak care of scalp is very essential because it helps to determine health and condition of as well as prevent scalp related diseases. Essential oils like  peppermint oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil etc are commonly used for hair growth. Along with essential oils, carrier oils like coconut oil, almond oil are also widely used and are proven to encourage hair growth.  Scalp massage stretches the hair follicles which in time increases thickness of hair.

5. Prioritize protein rich meals

Among all the nutritions available in food, protein is responsible for growth and restoration of cells in human body. Protein helps to gain and nourish muscles from fatigue. Simultaneously, protein helps to nourish the quality of hair. Protein helps to keep damaged hair in check as well as helps to regrow hair quicker. Therefore, consuming adequate amount of protein is one of the most essentials for natural growth of hair quicker. As the research by Mellisa Bent, biotin present in high protein food is one of the most important nutrients for the strength, texture and functioning of hair. Food rich in protein such as eggs, lean meat and legumes are best source of protein which are easily accessible.

6. Prevent/Reduce using heat in hair

Using of styling equipment and heat in hair causes visible amount of damage in hair. Using harmful chemicals in hair will eventually degrade and reduce the quality of hair. This has a very harsh impact in hair growth process as well. In order to maintain proper hair health and stimulate quick hair growth, it is necessary to reduce using unnecessary heat and harmful equipment in hair. Hair styling should be minimalistic and as natural as possible. Avoiding use of heat in hair will play a great role in regrowing hair and maintaining a proper hair health.

7. Minimize use of chemicals/colorants in hair

Women tend to use excessive amount of chemicals in hair in name of hair care and styling. Using such chemicals like hair colorants and styling products result in permanently damaging of hair as well as degradation of quality of hair in long run. To maintain a proper hair health, such chemicals should be avoided as much as possible. If it is necessary, proper components and ingredients should be reviewed and minimum damaging product shall be preferred. This helps in maintaining the health, texture and quality of hair. This also promotes hair growth. It is necessary to avoid the use of  harsh chemical in hair for its protection, maintenance and regrowth of hair.

8. Use mild hair products

In order to maintain a healthy and natural hair, using mild shampoo with less harmful chemical can be the favorable solution. Using mild chemical free shampoo will help to protect hair from adverse effects of harmful chemicals and help maintaining good hair health. Shampoos with natural ingredients will help to encourage hair growth. Hair products with minimum chemicals as well as cruelty free ingredients should be used and referred in order to maintain good hair health as well as promote better environment. Using such mild hair products preserves the natural quality of hair and increases hair growth in effective manner.

9. Regular Hair Trimming

Regular trimming the ends of hair helps to maintain a healthy, thicker and shinier appearance of hair. Trimming the end of hair regularly doent diretly stimulate the growth of hair, but it helps in maintaining healthy appearance of hair. It is much easier to groom and maintain healthy hair, thus minimal damage is required. Hair grows in the best manner if its quality is good. Studies have shown better results of maintaining hair health with regular trimming and cutting the edges of hair,

10. Protecting hair during sleep (use silk satin pillowcases)

Using silk pillowcases and silk wraps in hair helps to preserve the health of hair in each strand. Silk covers work as barrier to hair from unnecessary oil dust particles present. Silk pillowcases are proven to provide soothing care to hair and helps in retaining moisture and calm the frizziness and minimize hair damage. Using such gentle hair protectors minimizes hair breakage and also prevents excessive hair loss. This will In time result in well maintained, healthy and fuller hair. According to research done by Jessica Teich Silk Pillowcases can eventually improve in hydration of skin and hair and also prevents frizz in hair. Properly well nourished hair has a thicker and healthier appearance which also plays a vital role in hair growth.